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FAQ: Tailors for Men

You’ve probably passed by tailor shops before, and had an inexplicable urge to go in. But something held you back. What exactly are you supposed to do? What can you get tailored? And isn’t it going to be awfully expensive?

Look no further for your answers! After this FAQ, you’ll be strutting into all the tailors in Montreal like you own the damn place.

Q: Why should I get my clothes tailored?
A: Fit is everything, and a tailor can make it so that your clothing is absolutely perfect for your frame. Plus, there’s something very suave about walking around in something that has been custom-tailored to your needs. Do you think James Bond wears off-the-rack?

A tailor isn’t just for upgrading clothing, he can also fix damaged ones. If there’s a hole in your favorite jacket, a good tailor may be able to salvage it.

Q: What should I look for in a tailor?
A: Obviously see how well he is dressed. If his clothing doesn’t fit, dash for the door! Use your common sense: a well-kept tailorshop means a good tailor. Also be sure to check the tailor’s mannequin’s to get a sense of the style he has.

Appearance isn’t everything though. See how much swag your tailor has, and if it’s the type you want. Do you want a gentleman’s gentleman, someone who will take your order in a British accent saying, “Very good, sir”?  Or do you want a super-hip modern tailor, wearing the finest Italian suit jacket with no shirt underneath? Your first impressions of the tailor’s personality will often translate to their style.

Q: What are some good questions to ask?
A: How long have you been tailoring?
– How busy is your schedule?
– What are your rates?
– How fast can you work?

Q: What can a tailor do? 
A: The prices are a rough approximation of what you can expect to pay. Rates will vary according to the tailor.
– Replace buttons, zips (Very cheap)
– Make a jacket slimmer at the slides ($40)
– Make sleeves longer or shorter ($15 per sleeve)
– Make a jacket shorter ($80)
– Adjust the jacket’s shoulders (You’ll need a good tailor, and it can run upwards of $100)
– Shirt tapering ($15)
– Replacing a shirt collar ($20)
– Trouser hemming ($20)
– Adjusting trouser wait size ($20)
– Sew over holes, tears (depends on hole size)

A general rule of thumb if you’re getting a suit tailored is you can expect to pay 10-20% of the suit’s cost.

Q: What can’t a tailor do?
A: A tailor isn’t a magician. If the fabric just isn’t there, he has nothing to work with. That being said, you’d be surprised what a good tailor can accomplish. Here are some of the most common requests that a tailor just cannot do.
– Make the jacket wider at the sides
– Make the jacket longer
– Cover large holes

If you’re not sure about something, don’t be shy to ask your tailor! They’re there to help you.

Q: What are some good local tailors in Montreal?
A: For the basic alterations, any tailor will really do. But if you’re looking to build a long-term rapport, you’ll have to do the legwork yourself. A tailor is like a girl: you’re going to have to woo them a little. If you really want a place to start, consider the following:

Tailleurs Universels Nettoyeurs Inc
1105 Rue Cypress

Montréal, QC H3B 1N3
(514) 866-7166

Alterations Mike
1118 Rue Sainte-Catherine O

Montreal, QC H3B 1H5
(514) 397-8852

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