Superhero Fashion

“The New 52″ is perhaps DC Comics’ most ambitious project event: a complete revamp, reboot and relaunch of all superhero titles. Cultural icons Superman, Batman and other superheroes have all been given a blank slate, making it the perfect time for someone to start reading comics.
Not only have histories been reset, but most heroes have been given new costumes. Here are some of DC’s biggest icons’ new looks, and what they’re doing right and wrong.

T-shirt: That shirt is far too tight. Fit is everything, but once you can see every individual muscle, you may have gone too far. Clark Kent may want to invest in some t-shirts that aren’t XXXXXS.
Jeans: Jeans should be personal (see: raw denim), but the oddly perfect symmetrical and rectangular knee patches suggest mass production. Also, rolled-up jeans may be hip, but they should really be tighter if you’re going for a pegged look.
Shoes: There’s nothing wrong with faithful brown boots, but they’re just so boring. Instead of wearing dull grey socks, Clark Kent should consider something more colorful. Especially given the rolled-up jeans, loud socks will add some shock and dramatic flair to the outfit.
Verdict: Superman looks too much like a musclehead with no fashion sense, completely destroyed the basics. Your clothing should fit, and try to stay away from such uniform colors. At least the Superman logo still looks bitchin’.

Wonder Woman
Jewelry: Excessive jewelry is hard to pull off but Wonder Woman gets it done. The silvery gold decor give a nice unified theme to her outfit.
Tube top: Wonder Woman is given a more military look, with a plated shirt. The dash of red is a nice touch, drawing instant attention. Also, notice the subtle stars on either side of her ribcage. Fancy.
Boots: The boots would be rather boring but their gold tips nicely break up the outfit, separating the black leggings and the boots.
Verdict: Wonder Woman looks altogether sexy and badass. Her use of colors are masterfully done, breaking up her outfit but also tying it together. Plus, it’s probably a good idea to tell the woman with the bloodstained sword that she looks pretty.

Cape: Notice the stylish Nehru collar. The black cape doubles as a hood, while the yellow cape is well-fitting and gives a bird-like appearance.
Vest: The seams of Robin’s vest gives it a softer and sophisticated look, stressing the craftsmanship. The tuck of the shirt is also nicely done, although we wouldn’t recommend having your shirt in between your belt and trousers.
Boots: Gone are the pixie boots of old. Robin now sports shiny metal-green combat boots. For that extra military look, have your boots buffed to a shine. The straight-laced red laces are a nice touch.
Verdict: Batman may be missing from this list as he remains unchanged (Batman’s look is timeless, after all), but Robin more than makes up for it. This incarnation of Robin may be the most well-done costume for some time.  The presence of black colors gives Robin a new edge, while the familiar green, yellow and red remain faithful to its predecessors. Everything about this screams combat and badassery.

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