Word Cloud of Twitter archives

Word Cloud of my Twitter

Since signing up for Twitter in 2008, I’ve tweeted 1936 times.

That’s 22,385 total words and 4790 unique words.

You can see a word cloud I created of my Twitter archive above. So what do I tweet about?

The word I used most was “I” at 836 times, which probably suggests some sort of ego disorder.

Next was “the” at 641 times and then “to” at 438 times. Which isn’t very exciting.

I removed common words from my word cloud because I didn’t want it looking like this:


If I ignore common/boring words, my most used word is probably “fuck” and “oh” at 58 times. Oddly, I have only ever tweeted “oh fuck” once:

Here’s my 20 most-used (non-common) twitter words:

  1. fuck – 58
  2. oh – 58
  3. now – 58
  4. shit – 57
  5. new – 55
  6. day – 54
  7. world – 51
  8. fucking – 49
  9. god – 49
  10. essay – 47
  11. love – 43
  12. girl – 41
  13. pretty – 35
  14. work – 33
  15. bad – 33
  16. hot – 32
  17. feel – 30
  18. damn -29
  19. lit – 27
  20. people – 27

Which can then be combined into one glorious master tweet that perfectly encapsulates my Twitter career and social media existence:

Which sounds like something I would say after a stroke.

Steps :

  1. Sign in to Twitter. Go to Settings, Account, and Request Your Twitter Archive at the bottom of the page.
  2. You should receive an email from Twitter with a link to download a .zip of your archive.
  3. Export the tweets.zip, and open the tweets.csv
  4. Select the H column of the spreadsheet, and copy all your tweets’ text.
  5. Go to Wordle and paste your tweets’ text.

If you want to see the numeric count of words, go to Online Word Counter and paste your tweets’ text. You can also copy and paste the generate table into a spreadsheet if you want to parse your data.

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