Madam Natasha

Mad dog? God dam!
Am I reviled? Deliver! I’m a
Devil. I lived a Devil. I lived!
Am I reviled? Deliver I’m a
Mad dog. Goddam!

This is a palindrome. It reads the same backwards as forwards.

It is also an acrostic, where the first letter of each line spells a word: MADAM.

Originally this was going to be about a man called Dennis who sinned, but I didn’t like having a name in the poem. The first line was going to be: Devil Dennis sinned, lived.

The longest single palindromic word is tattarrattat, which James Joyce coined in Ulysses as the onomatopoeia of door knocking. To one-up him, I have invented tattaratattarrattatarattat, which is the onomatopoeia of urgent door knocking.

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