McGill Daily or Satire: The Game (Movember Edition)

Last year, I wrote a satirical article for Leacock’s about how discriminatory Movember is.

This year, the McGill Daily published a serious article about how discriminatory Movember is.

Below, I have compiled a list of quotes–half of them are from my satire, the other half are from the serious Daily. Try and see if you can tell which are satire, and which are real.

When the game is completed, I have linked to both articles so you can read them for yourself.


The pure and charitable sentiment is there – raising money for prostate and testicular cancer research, and fighting mental health problems among men – but what once started out as a harmless campaign has become sexist, racist, transphobic, and misinformed.


They have created a month-long event where they can spout their hate speech, while the general population are forced to tolerate–and even support–their unabashed bigotry.


The methods and aims of Movember are inherently discriminatory. By promoting moustaches, they oppress those who are facially disadvantaged or different. This is bigotry on multiple levels.


Despite Movember claiming to be a global movement, it assumes privilege and a certain relation to class on behalf of the participant, which is only found in certain parts of the world.



Black males are also twice as likely to develop, and die with or from, prostate cancer than white males. This begs the question: who are all these white cisgender men fundraising and growing moustaches for?


You might have heard the myth that Native Americans are unable to grow facial hair. If you were not born with the Moustache gene, you are punished.



No wonder Movember is exclusionary to trans* people: how are people who do not identify with that binary and have a prostate supposed to partake in this cause?


Indeed, the very name “mo bro” is sexist. Why not something gender-neutral, like “Mo sapiens”? It’s a small step from calling yourself a “mo bro” to calling everyone else “van dykes”.



Movember is also misogynistic. Women have a harder time growing facial hair. Even those who succeed in this patriarchal slave system are mocked; bearded women are seen as freaks.


Movember is also sexist. Cisgender women, called “Mo Sistas,” are encouraged to help their “Mo Bros” raise money during November, but god forbid these women try to let their own body or facial hair grow in support of this campaign.



“I don’t want to be told that a moustache makes me a man, or that my identity depends upon shaming women into being presentable to the male gaze.”


A moustache is basically the penis of your face. Your masculinity and virility is being judged on the size of it.



Do some basic research, educate yourself on the issue, and think twice before growing a moustache this, or any other, November.


Down with Movember, and down with social injustice.



If you were too lazy to play the game, you can simply read the original McGill Daily serious article, “Movember as micro-aggression

And here is my Leacock’s satire article, “Down with Movember” (or you can read the same article on my blog)

I also wrote about the Daily’s increasingly controversial articles as a strategy to gain page views in “Controversial McGill



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2 thoughts on “McGill Daily or Satire: The Game (Movember Edition)

  1. InukCanuck says:

    Unfortunately Ralph Haddad is a hateful bigot who feels that pursuing his own narrow minded agenda justifies shaming Cancer victims who suffer unimaginable pain and suffering. Please message him directly on Facebook at
    This narrow minded hatred for an entire gender only serves to divide humanity and punish those suffering from a terrible disease. He is not representative of Canada or Canadian culture.

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