McGill Daily or Satire: The Game (Movember Edition)

Last year, I wrote a satirical article for Leacock’s about how discriminatory Movember is.
This year, the McGill Daily published a serious article about how discriminatory Movember is.
Below, I have compiled a list of quotes–half of them are from my satire, the other half are from the serious Daily. Try and see if you can tell which are satire, and which are real.

When the game is completed, I have linked to both articles so you can read them for yourself.
[WATU 1]
If you were too lazy to play the game, you can simply read the original McGill Daily serious article, “Movember as micro-aggression
And here is my Leacock’s satire article, “Down with Movember” (or you can read the same article on my blog)
I also wrote about the Daily’s increasingly controversial articles as a strategy to gain page views in “Controversial McGill
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And share this game with your friends to see who is the ultimate social justice warrior.

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Unfortunately Ralph Haddad is a hateful bigot who feels that pursuing his own narrow minded agenda justifies shaming Cancer victims who suffer unimaginable pain and suffering. Please message him directly on Facebook at
This narrow minded hatred for an entire gender only serves to divide humanity and punish those suffering from a terrible disease. He is not representative of Canada or Canadian culture.

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